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Electronic City has been providing low cost security cameras and monitors to businesses and state-of-the-art training. Our products cover a full range of CCTV solutions in every marketable aspect and our service is second to none.

Our new HI-DEF cameras and recorders can help the POLICE Identify any suspect with Hi Definition Video capture. Don't let your old Analog system defeat your efforts of capturing and prosecuting the suspects.

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The Metamorphosis of Howard Pollyea’s Electronic City

By Viollette Doloricon

Howard Pollyea is a man that thrives on activity. After 58 years of NEVER sitting at his desk while manning the helm of Burbank’s infamous Electronic City, he “re-tired” for two weeks, and during that time, decided to bring his storefront directly to the customers. Today, Electronic City is a sur-veillance specialty firm for resi-dential and commercial properties.

“I loved working directly with my customers and employees in the store. Technological advancements have made it possible for me to continue the surveillance aspect of my business. Now I can concentrate on customizing each location based on individual needs.”

Howard utilizes the most cut-ting-edge, high-definition video surveillance equivalent with the resolution of today’s flat screen televisions. “These systems are so unbelievably clear on the screen that you can capture and zoom images with three times magnifi-cation easily to make for undeni-able identification. This is remark-able for substantiating these cases to police authorities as well as insurance carriers.”

Even with how advanced these technologies have become, they have become equally as user-friendly to operate, even for the most technologically intimidated. “Most, if not all, of these systems can be controlled/monitored via your iPhone/iPad. My favorite sys-tem is where the camera can cap-ture an intruder and the system simultaneously emails you about the incident. It is definitely a game changer in the world of home and office protection.”

Of course Howard maintains that systems like these don’t nec-essarily prevent home/commercial invasions, but they can definitely deter an intruder to move onwards.

“My goal is to continue the work ethics from the store: to listen and be involved in a very one-to-one ratio with my clients and to provide them peace of mind.” Towards that goal, Howard will bring the equipment to your house and demo it at your home or business so you can see it under your own specific circumstances.

For a thorough consultation and appraisal of your home or building, give Howard a call at (818) 632-4494, or email him at howp@charter.net and get started towards the peace of mind that you deserve.

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